About Us

The Kitchen Flavors is a culinary company dedicated to your flavoring needs and cooking success.

Do you find yourself in the culinary fog of “Fusion Confusion”, those dishes and flavors that seem to overreach the boundaries of cuisine practicality? It is the culinary philosophy of The Kitchen Flavors to provide you with blends that are easy to use, make what you prepare taste great, and are simple to understand, but recognizable in flavor.  As a Chef, I strive to please and educate your tastebuds!

The Kitchen Flavors is located in San Antonio, Texas. A well seasoned hub with awesome culinary roots of her own. We focus on savory dishes which are most likely prepared by you. Some are Recipe-Based, we provide our basic recipe method for that particular blend (you can find the recipe methods under the Recipes page), while others are Free-Range, allowing you to control the application location and amounts based on your tastes. Our premium blends, rubs, and seasonings contain well sourced and thoughtful ingredients, specially formulated – initially by two very experienced chefs. Sadly, one of the chefs has passed away, but his philosophy of “be true to your cuisine” remains a keystone to our products. Our motivation is simple. To provide and share our passion of cuisines. Our endeavor is for you to be empowered to learn and use proven authentic flavors to create delicious foods and simplify the effort in cooking. We do the hard work so you can fully enjoy the cooking process.

We encourage you to explore and discover how to enhance the flavors in your kitchen. Choosing the familiar and the new. We strive to package usable product amounts – not years of storage. Select a product with the amount you’ll likely use a few times, then re-order as needed. Herbs and spices should be used in a timely manner –not occupy storage space for years. Just as a ship is meant to be out at sea, not tied up in port, You should have enough spices to cook when you want to cook. Cook more often, be happier with life.  Our products are friendly to the creative mind of the home cook.   For example, the Rattlesnake Ranch blend was formulated to make a spicy version of traditional ranch salad dressing.  It’s awesome!  I have recently learned how customers use it for other sauces and mix it in to make hamburger patties.  How wonderful!

We dedicate the time to create and provide practical ideas, proven techniques, and creative solutions for your kitchen and your food.

As you explore our website, make your decisions, and place your order – please know we encourage comments, feedback, and questions.

We encourage the reading of our BLOG (Flavor Bench) as a source of culinary philosophy, arousing answers, and guided inspiration. I do my best to post as frequently as possible.  If you have topic that you would like for me write about, send me a comment. (biz@thekitchenflavors.com)

You will also discover our corny humor peppered throughout our company’s communications at nearly every level.

You probably have limitations in time, kitchen size, available equipment, discretionary budget, and culinary experience. Additionally we want to address everyone’s levels of interest and abilities. As our company grows our desire is to provide both illustrated and designed indicators to compliment such diversity amongst home cooks.

A Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.) link is made available for you as well. This covers non-food related issues unlike the blog.

We anticipate offering more and more products in the future. And hope you will come back to explore them as well. Finally, we look forward to keeping in touch as best we can. Please send a brief correspondence and tell us how you’re cooking and what you think about The Kitchen Flavors.

Chef Michael