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Whether you are the lone adult in the kitchen who cooks that weekly menu of go-to meals, the happy retirees who have a lifetime of cooking favorites, or the career professional looking forward to that night in the kitchen to shine - we have the seasonings to up your game, impress someone special, and make your time in the kitchen … flavorful!

We avoid adding the big eight allergens or other anti-caking ingredients and do our utmost to be gluten-free with our blends. Scroll down and check out the Customer Testimonials – they are written by someone just like you.

Please go ahead start browsing and shopping the products at the link below, Additionally, if you have some extra time. Read our blog. It’s called the Flavor Bench. This is where I present a variety of flavor related topics, it changes from time to time so that’s your invitation to come back.

We trust you will enjoy the products you purchase and use.
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Frito Pie using Trail Boss Chili

Frito pie using Trail Boss Chili

Papas Shake on Diced Potatoes

Papas Shake on diced potatoes

Greek Goddess being made

Greek Goddess being made


Flavor Bench

The Flavors Bench, will have new posts on a monthly basis.
Be Careful you might learn something new from reading post, or at least we hope so.

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