Frequently Asked Questions

Probably yes. Many of our products could be used for other needs. Now you’re thinking like a chef. If you have a great idea, let us know.
Awesome, please post to share your culinary wisdom or friendly kindness in our Customer Testimonials Section for others to see.
We want you to share your love as well. We offer a few different Gift Set ideas that you can send. These are specifically available during the holidays and are available in specialty packaging and include various products. Check them out in the Products page.
A capital T is a Tablespoon, a lower case t is a teaspoon. A Tablespoon is comprised of three teaspoons. A C is a cup and gal. is a Gallon. Here are some other useful measurement facts. A Gallon has 128 fluid ounces, a Quart (a quarter gallon) is 32 fluid ounces and contains four cups. A Pint contains two cups, and thus a pint is 16 fluid ounces and a Cup holds 8 fluid ounces. (In the coffee world a “cup” is only six fluid ounces - go figure). A Tablespoon is a half fluid ounce, meaning there are 16 T in a C. All of that works everyday in all 50 states and every measurement is a level amount. By the way… a pound is 16 ounces – not fluid ounces. Chefs call this stuff “avoirdupois”.
On our Products page, please take a look at the Category for each blend. If that particular product blend is listed as “Recipe-Based” you will find a recipe associated to it. These are located from the Home page. If that particular product blend is listed as “Free-Range” you simply add as you see fit, shake some on before, after, or during the cooking of a food.
Certainly. Paying by credit card is the fastest, paying by check will be a little slower due to the bank’s processing time.
Once your order is completed and issued, we will choose the best available carrier and send it to you with professional haste via USPS, FedEx, or UPS. If you have a preferred carrier, let us know. Only USPS ships to a P.O. BOX or (military) APO/FPO/DPO.
Unfortunately our on site premises are closed to the public. This is in part to due to our need to maintain a sanitary environment and our compliance with current public health and food regulations.
Please write a brief letter to The Kitchen Flavors, LLC; PO BOX 100896; San Antonio, TX; 7820. We love to get mail.
Your large orders are always welcome and we appreciate your patronage. We like to include a little something extra once in awhile.