FAQ - What does T or t mean?

A capital T is a Tablespoon, a lower case t is a teaspoon. A Tablespoon is comprised of three teaspoons. A C is a cup and gal. is a Gallon. Here are some other useful measurement facts. A Gallon has 128 fluid ounces, a Quart (a quarter gallon) is 32 fluid ounces and contains four cups. A Pint contains two cups, and thus a pint is 16 fluid ounces and a Cup holds 8 fluid ounces. (In the coffee world a “cup” is only six fluid ounces – go figure). A Tablespoon is a half fluid ounce, meaning there are 16 T in a C. All of that works everyday in all 50 states and every measurement is a level amount. By the way… a pound is 16 ounces – not fluid ounces. Chefs call this stuff “avoirdupois”.